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TS Pharm Inc. is a growing and dynamic pharmaceutical company that was established in 2005. Before the inception of TS Pharm, the company was under the name of TS Med International that began its operation in 1996. The company prides itself on its business paradigm to develop and build substantial and resourceful relationships with its business partners, supplies, and distributors.

For almost a decade, we have been helping place pharmaceticals and diagnostic reagents in the Caribbean Islands and in Central America. Although these markets are our major channels of distribution, however, we also have customers in the Middle East, Europe, and currently exploring opportunities in the South Pacific.

One unique aspect of the company is that we thoroughly understand the different countries registration and distribution process. We can easily get reputable manufacturers and well known distributors working together to get companies the products they need. We ulitize the cooperation of our partners that we have established over the years so that everyone benefits.

Our company motto is quality, service, and commitment and each member of our team takes this seriously. The men and women that work for TS Pharm Inc. are extremely dedicated, professional, and devoted to helping satisfy the needs of our customers.

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